Saturday, May 29, 2010

technology uses

I would say that pretty much all of the technology that we've used so far in this class can be used in my future career. The social networking sites would (Facebook and twitter) probably have the most benefits because they are utilized by so many people already. I can easily communicate with colleagues, students, athletes, and the public without having to make multiple phone calls. I could also advertise events and games that would definitely reach more people through blogs, Facebook, and twitter. And when you think of the more academic type stuff Google docs and podcasts will come in handy. Students will be able to access class documents and lectures without having to waste paper. We have all this technology that it is going to take some practice to understand it and figure out all the things that we can do with it. Now that I have some new knowledge I'll do my best to incorporate it into my career and life.


  1. I agree! Everything we've learned how to do so far is definitely something we can all use in our careers. the social networking is fun but the other things like the google docs more of a "work" thing. Either way, as long as we start playing with it now, we can use it all in the future.

  2. I think that above all else the students would be very motivated from the use of any of this. As much fun as I'm having I know that they would enjoy it even more. Lets face it students today are very interested in technology. I agree, what we are learning can have a huge impact on student learning.